Gluten-free cornbread from Celiac Teen

I worked Sunday so I have today off for a rare chance to actually play and experiment for a weeknight dinner. I’m making Pozole Rojo for dinner tonight and decided it was a good opportunity to try out a gluten free cornbread recipe. Several looked promising, but I picked the one I saw at Celiac Teen because it uses millet flour. And I love Monty Python. “Tasty millet seed. Yum yum.” (That’s actually what my jar of millet flour is labeled.)

The recipe is here.

I followed it to the letter with two very predictable exceptions:

  • Where it calls for milk, I used Coconut Beverage.
  • Where it calls for butter, I used soy-free Earth Balance.

The verdict? If you like light and fluffy, sweet cornbread, this is for you. If you want something that closely resembles a corn muffin, except not as sweetly cloying, this will be perfect. However, I was looking for a more savory, heavy, stick-to-your ribs cornbread, so I was a little disappointed.

Like all white rice flour recipes I’ve tried so far, it has a tiny tendency to stick in the back of your throat. Next time I am going to try making it with brown rice flour.

So… not a fail, but not an Epic Win either.

Spouse just got home and says that while it’s not the best cornbread he’s ever had, it’s better than most. I think I agree with him.


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